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From:"Robert Richmond"

Cindi Robinson asks:

>>We are currently using 10% formalin fixation on our bone marrow cores.  We fix for 2 hours minimum prior to decal.  We are using Immunocal from Decal Corp. for 2-4 hrs followed with processing overnight in VIP.  Cores are still crunchy upon sectioning and we are doing surface decal for up to 30 min. Our paths want cores turned out within 24 hrs following procedure. Any suggestions?<<

An ordinary decalcifier (such as Decal Corp's Decal, or several others
- just don't use nitric acid) should suffice, and will decalcify
marrow cores in an hour or two. Bone marrow specimens obtained after 2
PM should be processed the following day. Would your pathologists and
oncologists consent to this compromise? - This is a matter on which,
in my experience, pathologists and oncologists don't communicate with
each other very well.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN
In "commUnIcate", the "U" comes before the "I".

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