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I am a cytotechnologist with approx. the same amount of workload.  My
workload has turned around to be mostly Non gyn
FNA of thyroid primarily.  Management expects me to manage a flow
department and keep it compliant to CAP, also to keep cytology compliant
with CAP and do all the prepping and screening.  It will not work,  that
0.5FTE preps I assume and frees up  the technologist to do all the work
that is required, screening cases within so many hours, and doing all the
QC/QC which is alot of back work required by CAP. So your tech is correct,
they will fall behind.  Even though the volume of cases appear low there
are numerous slides associated with each case especially FNA's.  I can
screen approx. 75 slds, if I have someone prepping but without anyone I
would only probably do 35-40 per day.
Do not forget the cytotechnologist also needs time for their proficiency
work and continuing education in whatever form it may have.
I have been a tech for 24 years and have worked in both a private lab
setting and also community hospital settings, so yes there has been a
change but the work still takes time for quality work to be accomplished.

We have one full time Cytology Tech Specialist and 0.5 lab assistant for
cyto prep. We are a low volume non-gyn lab (2500 cases YTD) - totally
ThinPrep except for thyroid aspirates that come from one practice with
up to 5 extra smeared slides.

Andrea J Weiss BST CT (ASCP)
609 653 3577 Ext 4907

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