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I am a cytotechnologist and for making cell blocks I use 25.occ specimen in
a 50.0cc conical tube  add 95% alcohol to bring to 45.0cc.  You will notice
a precipitate will form.  Mix well.  Centrifuge for 10 mins and then let
sit for at least 1 hr.  You will find there is a hard button at the bottom.
That will be your cell block.
If you have a small amt of sample or you have small pieces of tissue from a
FNA you can purchase Histogel, this acts like an agar type substance.  I
melt Histogel tube in microwave 10 seconds usually does it and then add
this small amount just enough  to cover specimen.  Let this sit for a while
till it gels.  If you need it to gel rapidly  just put it into the
refrigerator or freezer for a short time and a button will be formed.
Place that in a cassette and process as cell block

Hope this helps

Hello fellows.
I am Cyto/ Histology Sup. If there is any one with Non-gyns or GN procedure
on cell block preparation or methodology please share with me your ideas or
procedure. I need also feedback on Thrombin Clot method. Thanks
Jaime Plata MT HTL (ASCP)

Andrea J Weiss BST CT (ASCP)
609 653 3577 Ext 4907

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