[Histonet] RNALater, cryosections, OCT, and RNA isolation

From:Mikael Niku

Dear Histonetters,

I'm looking for methods to preserve intestinal tissue samples, in order 
to later isolate RNA from laser microdissected cryosections.
I'm a bit worried about the intestinal enzymes (not sure if the RNA will 
be preserved even at -80C for very long). I was told that RNALater might 
be better, but I don't have personal experience on the stuff.

Does anybody know if RNALater-treated tissues can be later frozen and 
cut to adequate cryosections?
How about antigenicity, as we would probably like to use the same 
samples for immunohistochemistry as well?

Another question: is it true that OCT-embedded frozen tissues can be 
used to isolate RNA (with Trizol, for example)?

I know these have been discussed in the past, but couldn't find definite 
answers in the archives. Perhaps more experience has been gathered since 

With best regards,
Mikael Niku

Mikael Niku, PhD, university lecturer            
University of Helsinki, Division of Nutrition
URL: mikael.nikunnakki.info

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