[Histonet] PSLIM Update

From:Victor Tobias

We got our new PSLIM setup in a test environment. First thing we 
discovered was that all slides are not created equal. We had a box of 
slides labeled 1" by 3" and also 25mm by 75mm. These slides would not 
work in the unit. Got another brand labeled 25mm by 75mm and they were 
just a fraction shorter and worked great. The speed is decent, but not 
as fast as paper labels. I think your workflow would be to scan the 
cassette first to start the printing process and then face in the block. 
Since it usually goes back onto ice to cool, speed shouldn't be an 
issue. The one feature I like is that it prints the slides in order. #1 
comes off first and then it slides #2 under #1 and #3 under #2. The 
slide is very legible and we have the accession no, block no, cut date, 
stain name, 2 lines for the facility and a barcode. We have no 
affiliation with Accuplace.


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