[Histonet] Need help for CD95(FAS) and antigen retrieval system

From:soofia siddiqui

Hi everyone,
I am sure some one in this large world of histonet will be able to help me. I am trying to do CD95 staining on human skin FF PE tissue sections. CD95 is 45 KD single chain type cell surface  protein that mediates apoptosis when crosslinked with agnostic anti-Fas antibodies.I have tried citric acid pH 6.0 buffer in microwave and and 99 degree Celsius water bath incubator and also tried sodium citrate Buffer pH 6.00 on microwave and incubator and also Trypsin for antigen retrieval, But I could not get any success. I am using R&D MAB 142 monoclonal antibody Clone DX2 and also using BioLegend 3056130 monoclonal antibody clone DX2, but none of the method worked to get the signaling. Please provide me, if   you  have some suggestion or any better antigen retrieval method for Fas antibodies. Thank you in advance. 
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