[Histonet] ISH question

From:"Gudrun Lang"

Hi listmembers,

In our lab the unstained IHC-slides are thrown away. Now one slide of each
case should be stored in an adequate manner to perform an insitu
hybridization if required in the future.

I want to store it unstained but deparaffinized and coverslipped. So that it
can be filed with the other HE-slides and easily found again. We don't want
to store them airsealed in the freezer, and IHC is no issue.


Has anybody performed an in situ hybridization on previously coverslipped or
even stained tissue? I think, that the DNA would be well preserved. What
could be a cause of DNA-degradation in this conservation-manner?


Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Gudrun Lang


Histolab, Akh Linz, Austria

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