[Histonet] Bones

From:"Ian Montgomery"

            I have some bones, from various species, that I want to clean of
muscle, tendons, etc, etc. The method currently used is boiling the bones in
water for several hours, days until they are completely clean. Problem, it's
a wee bit smelly, in fact a big bit smelly. Me being a delicate soul more
used to various exotic eau de parfum wonder if there is another technique
available. Some species respond to soaking for several weeks in laboratory
detergent while others don't. NaOH or KOH, again some do others don't. What
I would ideally like is a universal method that's reasonably quick, but not
smelly, can anyone help.



Dr. Ian Montgomery,


I.B.L.S. Support Unit,

Thomson Building,

University of Glasgow,


G12 8QQ.


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