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I've had to walk through this quagmire before--it can be the only answer if
all other controls for safe work environments and patient care/safety have
been utilized.  It sounds like your friend is approaching this with caution
and concern--good.

Statues for this kind of issue vary wildly by state.  If this is in
conjunction with a company or an established lab, they likely have an
attorney already representing them on this kind of issue.  

It's best to do it right if there is a need, and only a legal advisor
familiar with the laws of your state and the situation you're trying to
remedy can answer accurately and with the rights and best interests of all
those involved adequately addressed.  It is worth the investment.

In anticipation of being flamed--there can be situations where this is the
only answer and in doing so you PROTECT those in your lab--it is a very hard
decision to come to.

I wish her the best. 


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Although I personally would NOT allow it, the opinions you are going to
obtain from Histonet are wrthless.
  Consult with an attorney, any one will give you a "first free
consultations", use it on that question.
  René J.

"Yaskovich, Ruth A (NIH/NIDCR) [E]"  wrote:
  Are any of you (that do patient work) being video taped while at work?
This means having a camera on you while you are working in your lab. If
so, do you know if it's legal? Is it done some states versus others? I'm
posting this for a friend.

Thanks for any help you can send our way.

Ruth Yaskovich

National Institutes of Health

Institute of Dental and Crainiofacial Research

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