Re: [Histonet] wax cracks along edge of biopsies

From:Rene J Buesa

Some HTs have the costum of opening several cassettes and leaving them on the hot area of the embedding center before embedding. That practice, although adds some productivity to the operation, is not very good and could be that cause of the problem you are having. It will also explain why some present the problem and why others don't. Those staying the more time open, are more likely to have the problem than those embedded shortly after being opened and "in the que" to be embeded.
  René J.

Patricia Valente  wrote:
Any suggestions about the cause of blocks cracking along the edge of biopsies (happens with some of our prostate biopsies about 14-20 mm long)
We have tried to eliminate following factors
the temp of the cold plate (-5 C)
Care in removing blocks from molds
biopsies getting colder before embedding- therefore wax not evenly impregnated
Seems to happen along one side of the biopsy causing splitting and or creases when sectioning
sometimes only a couple of blocks effected sometimes an irritating amount. usually solved when re-embedded
What technique can we change to eliminate problem

other details- processing looks OK, cores are not hard, wax in use is polyfin


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