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The CI name for Sirius Red F3B is Direct Red 80 and the CI number for  Direct 
Red 80 is 35780.  I'm suspicious that once upon a time someone  mistyped the 
CI number and it has carried through to today.  I currently  use Direct Red 
80, Alfa Aesar, B21693-06 purchased from Fisher Scientific (or  whatever they 
are called now).  Okay, I know that doesn't really answer  your question, but I 
hope it helps a little.  
I checked StainFile (_ 
( )  out of curiosity and didn't find 
any stain with that CI number  either.
NIBRI, Cambridge
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Dear  Colleagues,

I just want to clarify this issue.  IS there  such a thing as Sirius red
F3B (C.I. 35782)?  I have tried to find a  source to buy it and have only
been able to find stains without a C.I. # or  a C.I. # of 35780.  When I
Goggle this stain, the following sentence  appears verbatim over and

Collagen is birefringent  when stained with Sirius red F3B (C.I. 35782).

Is this a typo  that just gets repeated?  Is it a stain that is no  longer
manufactured? Does anyone know?

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