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From:John Kiernan

The effects of a fixative on a tissue depend on the physical properties and chemical reactivities of the ingredients. The requirements of the investigation must also be considered. What will be done with the archived placental tissue?  Every textbook of histotechnology, microtechnique or histochemistry explains how to go about choosing a fixative. 

Before buying any proprietary fixative mixture with a trade-name, find out the names and concentrations of all the ingredients. Without this information it is impossible to decide whether the mixture will be suitable for your purposes. If you look up the Histonet archives ( you will find many warnings of this kind, from several different people. There is no shortage of excellent fixatives of known composition that you can either mix for yourself or buy ready-made.

John Kiernan
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From: Jacqui Detmar 
Date: Saturday, October 20, 2007 13:35
Subject: [Histonet] fixative recommendation

> Hi all.  I am posting this question on behalf of a 
> colleague.  She would like to start archiving human 
> placenta tissue and was wondering what would be an ideal 
> fixative.  Any help would be appreciated. 
> Also, she asked me for my opinion on a product called "HOPE" 
> fixative, which is produced by Polysciences, but I have not used 
> this fixative.  I was hoping someone out there in histoland 
> has experience with this fixative and would give me his/her 
> opinion.  
> Lastly, if anybody has any helpful suggestions or advice to give 
> re: setting up archives of tissue, please pass this on.  
> Fore-warned is fore-armed, eh? 
> Thanks in advance,
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