Re: [Histonet] curious about soaking paraffin blocks.

From:Bryan Llewellyn

I think that hits the nail squarely on the head.  I don't know about the UK 
anymore, but in North America, including Canada, there is a "fixation" about 
24 hour service or less.  Since 10% NBF is still the commonest fixative, 
that must entail inadequate treatment with the consequent alcoholic fixation 
that ensues during processing and the brittle, hard little bits of tissue 
that are the final product.  Soaking in iced water for a short time does 
soften these enough to get sections, and has become an integral part of 
microtomy over here.

Bryan Llewellyn

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"Some on the net just like to try and make you feel foolish. I know of
SEVERAL techs (in diff labs, facilities, states etc.) that soak on
occasion when they feel it will benefit the cut etc. It's called
technique. As we all know, not all is equal in histology..........Cheri"

We are soaking for different reasons Cheri but I'm surprised it seems to
be a regular procedure in the US probably used to mask poor fixation or

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