Re: [Histonet] bleeding eosin

From:"Joanne Mauger"

Hi Gail,

We use xylene, but recently used a toluene based mounting medium
instead of our regular xylene based one. We have been having terrible
eosin bleeding, and think it has to be something about the mountant, as
nothing else is different. Maybe we have a common problem we can help
each other troubleshoot. Tha mountant is from Fisher- Protocol secure
mount lot#79931. Even the other Protocol- xylene based, lot#75461, is
very watery, and seems not to have any resin it. The coverslips pop
right off!

Fisher claims not to be aware of any trouble, but since we are in the
same area-Philadelphia& NJ- maybe we both have bad batches?

Do you see any common product?

Hope I didn't confuse the issue!

Thanks I hope we can both resolve the issue.

Jo Mauger

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