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From:"Joe Nocito"

my last place of employment has 3 XTs. It is my experience that it is hit or 
miss with these machines. The first machine has been breaking down ever 
since it was purchased. The other two have had a hiccup or two, but have 
been ok. I have complained (here and to Ventana) about the situation. When 
do you consider the machine a total loss and replace it? I have a 1991 Ford 
pick up that I keep thowing money into to it, but it doesn't handle patient 
specimens. I raised a stink so bad that some regional manager came down and 
promised me the world. As far as I know, that machine has been repaired 
several times after I left.
    I do have to give Ventana credit on one thing- they do try to get a 
service rep out as fast as they can. The problem is either they don't have 
enough service reps, their machines constantly break down, or both.  Not to 
mention their prices are pretty steep.
    One has to look a bit past the purchase and research the entire company 
and product. Are they available for tech questions? Do you talk to a real 
person or have to leave a message and they'll get back with later, or 
tomorrow? Is your machine always breaking down for one thing or another? 
What happens if your machine is down for a while? Can you get a loaner? Are 
you getting lip service or is the company really trying to work with you?
    Like others have said, there are pros and cons for every machine and you 
can make some up your own. Try to test as many machines as you can, but also 
test the company and make sure that they can deliver what they say they can. 
One other thing, carefully review all contracts before signing, twice. If 
you have the availability to take the contract to a medical-legal office or 
someone else, please do.


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Hi everyone. I am looking for some feedback on the Ventana Benchmark 
stainer. I have a tech that worked with a Ventana stainer at her previous 
job and did not care for it. System was to closed for her. I have another 
tech that has not used the stainer but went to the recent Region II meeting 
and attended a workshop on evaluating IHC stainers. The Ventana Benchmark 
was not given favorable reviews. I do know some area hospitals that have it 
that really like it. Can you give me some pros and cons?

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