Re: [Histonet] Staining tissue in Embed 812 resin with Hematoxylin and Eosin?

From:Roger Moretz

It is not trivial, but is not impossible.  A quick
Google search of the terms "staining epoxy sections"
turned up over 600K responses.  A search of PubMed
might be more to the point.  The first paper I saw
referenced use of H2O2 to facilitate H&E staining. 
Have not tried it myself.  References I was more
familiar with used either sodium methoxide or ethoxide
to remove the plastic.  Staining was pretty much
straightforward after that.  These techniques involve
hazardous chemicals.  A more useful method would be to
use one of the polychromatic stains also found in the
Google search I mentioned at the outset.  Sorry, but I
can't provide specific references--those are long gone
along with the job.

Roger Moretz, Ph.D.
Electron Microscopist (ret.)
"I'm not dead yet" Monty Python, Search for the Holy
--- Lawrence Mason  wrote:

> I have some archived mouse tissues in Embed 812
> resin.  Is it possible to stain these tissues with
> hematoxylin and eosin?  I was unable to find any
> relevant info in the archives.
> Thanks,
> Larry Mason
> Wyeth Research
> Cambridge, MA
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