Re: [Histonet] New CAP Regulations - Breast Tissue Must Be Fixed inFormalin

From:"Joe Nocito"

This is why I have a problem with CAP. CAP can't regulate themselves and 
yet, they are regulating how to handle special specimens for special 
procedures. Give me a break.
That said, I expect that I'll be getting flamed next week in Denver. Until 
then, flame on

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> This CAP (and FDA) regulation is a hindrance in any efforts to eliminate 
> carcinogenic  formalin from the histo lab, but has to be followed to be in 
> compliance, or to participate in studies about breast cancer.
>  This fact does not qualify for a special treatment/charge.
>  René J.
> "Jones, Laura"  wrote:
>  Hi all. I am wondering if anyone else out there is NOT using formalin on 
> a
> routine basis any more, and now must bring it back in order to comply with
> the new CAP regulation. We routinely process everything in Shandon's
> Glyofixx. Our Pathologist would like to have breast tissues only submitted
> in formalin, left overnight to fix, and then process from alcohols on 
> during
> the next day. He feels that the small biopsies will be our main concern, 
> as
> these are what we usually send for ER/PR, Her2Neu and FISH. If anyone else
> is going through this same situation, we'd appreciate hearing how you are
> handling this.
> Also, a question from my managers: in this situation, can we charge
> anything for the "special" treatment of the tissue? My feeling was this it
> was kind of our "fault" that we had to do this, so there probably could=20
> not
> be a charge, but I told them I'd ask the experts. Thanks to all in 
> advance.
> Laura
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