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From:"Mike Pence"

We have a small room in surgery that they have 2- 5 gallon containers
with 10% NBF in. They put their specimen in a appropriate sized
container in the room. When the case is over the specimen is taken to
the room and formalin is added and the specimen in placed in a container
that we pick up 4 times a day. The containers range from urine cups to
gallon size buckets with snap on lids. No leaks and no formalin in the
OR rooms.


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Subject: [Histonet] specimens from surgery

The surgery department we work with is stating that the bags
(manufacturer Bitran) are leaking in the surgery suites and that the
staff cannot deal with the leaks and the smell.  They would like to
deliver all specimens fresh.  

My question is; how are those of you that receive specimens in a
hospital from surgery receiving them.  


Thank you 



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