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Let's not also forget the fact of life that speed is usually one of the most important things to consider. TAT has to usually  be 1-2 days, no matter the size or type of tissue. Yes breadloafing, etc. helps fixation, but the fact remains that fixation/processing time is sometimes sacrificed for the speed of finished slide delivery. Unless the tissue is grossly unproccessed, it is rarely reproccessed because of the time factor. The little tricks we do in between are just a stopgap to try and give the best results on an undesirable situation. Not to mention the fact that the pathologist usually just don't get the importance of the fixation and processing steps. (except you, Kemlo!). Not meaning to throw everything on their shoulders again. I understand the reasoning behind their requirements. It just annoys me (and probably a few others too) that they are willing to possibly sacrifice a diagnosis  just to get cases done in a "reasonable" amount of time. I'm sure if someone developed a way to present paraffin quality sections in a frozen section amount of time, they would be richer than Bill Gates -- and everyone would be much happier. Sorry, my philosophical is coming out again. And it's Friday. Everyone Who is going to NHS have fun at the company parties and get lots of free stuff. Don't forget too, that Denver also has a great Natural History Museum and of course the Denver Mint.


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Amen! Histology is art, and art is not science (even when medicine is an art helped by science).
  René J.

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