RE: [Histonet] soaking paraffin blocks.

From:Rene J Buesa

Amen! Histology is art, and art is not science (even when medicine is an art helped by science).
  René J.

"Truscott, Tom"  wrote:
  Hi All, The art of histology would take more than a lifetime to perfect
for every tissue. In my limited experience, I've come to believe that
poor fixation is often blamed when poor processing is the real culprit.
Poor processing will also cause tissues to "explode" on a waterbath.
Optimal fixation and optimal processing can differ for each tissue and
each species, so when you perform histology on a mix of tissues and
species you try to find the average optimal protocol or two that you can
fit into your schedule, then try to overcome problems with chilling or
soaking or lower waterbath temps or whatever other tricks you've learned
from experience or the histonet. Tom Truscott USDA Pullman, WA 

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