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From:"Burton, Lynn"

I came back to Histo after a six year hiatus in virology. Because the state employment agencies are ignorant;y run, I was not allowed to come until Rae Ann retired. She had little or no time to train me at all. I had to come in and train myself on how to run this machine. She did have enough time to show me how to look up protocols and how the machine tells you what is wrong when alarms go off. I have had little or no touble running this machine for the past 11 months. When I have tech support for this company is great. They answer questions over the phone and return calls right away. They even stayed on the phone and walked me through decontamination of the machine one day. Anyone with half an idea how to run a computer can run this stainer.


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Sent: Thu 10/18/2007 7:09 AM
Subject: [Histonet] Ventana Benchmark

Hi everyone. I am looking for some feedback on the Ventana Benchmark stainer. I have a tech that worked with a Ventana stainer at her previous job and did not care for it. System was to closed for her. I have another tech that has not used the stainer but went to the recent Region II meeting and attended a workshop on evaluating IHC stainers. The Ventana Benchmark was not given favorable reviews. I do know some area hospitals that have it that really like it. Can you give me some pros and cons?

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