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I actually had a dream last night that a stranger on the street bought 4,
couldn't sell 2, and just gave them to me (like that would happen). I guess
after trying for 2 days to buy them (it's my mom's birthday and I thought it
would be a great experience for her)I still haven't given up hope!
Jo Dee

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SeriesTixduring NSH

I had 5 people trying one had any luck. I will remain
optimistic that somehow..somewhere a ticket will become available ..after
all I am a Red Sox fan..I have had decades of hoping.

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Tixduring NSH

Since I am a friend of Joe(hate to admit it), I just wonder if the rest of
us can believe him when he says he is nervous about giving his opinion?  I
have heard many excellent lectures by Joe Nocito and will go out on a limb
here and say he gives his opinion throughout the lecture and that is what we
like and use to learn from experience.  So at NSH can we please go out of
our way and ask Joe to not give his opinion and see how long the lectures
last?  My bro in law lives in Denver and is trying to get tix to the world
series, so if you all are wanting them, note that he is having a lard time
and he lives there.  Leica is giving the Art Show during the world series, I
hate to miss that over a once in a lifetime world series.



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