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This (Pathology) reminds me of a stand-up routine that Dennis Miller did a
number of years ago... and I've never forgotten it.

He was talking about some of the "easier" professions that are available.

One was County Coroner / Medical Examiner / Pathologists

"What's so tough about this? on dead people. HA!
What's the worst that could happen? ...what, you might get a pulse?!"


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As if CSI, etc. weren't bad enough! 
Oh, and all the dead bodies/sex/sharp objects in the same room? Just
remember they're Med Students! They all think they're Gods anyway, with a
few notable exceptions (that won't be noted here). 
Geez but  those 'Heroes' actors are sure getting around fast. I believe I
heard the guy that plays Sylar is going to be in the next Star Trek movie.  


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I thought you all might get a kick out of this!!  I know I did.

_www.enterpathologylab.com_ (


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