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From:"Sarah Glyn-Jones"



I have recently begun trying to optimise Timms copper stain on kidney
tissue. I have frozen tissue sections and I leave them in 1% sodium sulphide
for 1hr before TCA treatment and then the Timms reagent.


The recipe I am using is:


Solution A
5% silver nitrate aqueous (5g in 100ml distilled H2O).
Solution B 
Hydroquinone                          2.0gms
Citric acid (monohydrate)          5.0gms
Distilled water                         100ml
Develop sections in freshly filtered solution of 1 part A and 5 parts B for


There are a number of different recipes for the Timms reagent and the one I
am currently using is not working. I cannot seem to get the stain into the
tissue. I end up with lots of staining on top of the tissue despite heavy

Does anyone have a different recipe that I could try? I have seen recipes
for Timms reagent using gum arabic and 10% hydroquinone, except hydroquinone
is only soluble in water to 7% (I tried making a 10% solution and it was a


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.






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