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From:"Xilong Li"

Hi, All,

I try to stain frozen muscle section by Sirius red stain, the results
were always not consistent. Background of muscle fiber can not be washed
clear to be yellow as expected, it was dark yellow, light yellow or even
green, various background color appear in different group staining or
different type of muscle stain. In addition, most of protocol in
reference or online information require to stain muscle in Sirius stain
solution for 1 hour, then wash in acetic solution for a while, then
alcohol, xylene. I followed those protocol and found it was hard to wash
muscle fiber to yellow even if I washed in acetic solution for 1 hour or
increased the concentration of acetic acid solution to 0.5%. Finally I
stain muscle in Sirius solution just for 2 minutes, then followed the
protocol, some time I can get good stain, some time I can't, it were
inconsistent. I just wonder what was the problem of my protocol or
staining. I attached three images. Please help me.

Any comments would be appreciated.

My protocol is as following: 

Sirius Red Stain

Picro-sirius red 

Sirius Red F3B (CI 35780) Aldrich 36,554-8 synonym Direct Red
80			0.5gm
Saturated aqueous Picric
Acid							500ml
[add a small amount of solid picric acid to ensure saturation: 1.2~1.3%

Expiration date minimum 3 years

Acidified Water
Acetic Acid (glacial)				5 ml
Water (DI or tap)				1 liter

Ø	Fix frozen sections 30 minutes in Neutral Buffered Formalin(For
paraffin sections deparaffinize and bring slides to water)
Ø	Wash sections in 3 changes of water
Ø	Drain sections well and place into Picro-Sirius solution 2 min
Ø	Wash sections in 2 changes of acidified water(5min)
Ø	Dehydrate in 3 changes of 100% ethanol (5min)
Ø	Clear in xylene and mount in permanent mounting media (5min).

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