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From:"Robert Richmond"

Is there ANYTHING that isn't in Wikipedia these days?

The Big Chief tablet was a popular writing notebook for several
generations of young children in the United States. It featured widely
spaced lines, easier to write in for those learning to write. Its
prominence, though, was the cover's representation of a native
American in full headdress, hence "Big Chief." - The copyright for the
Big Chief tablet originally went to the Western Tablet Company of
Saint Joseph, Missouri but was sold to the Mead Corp., a leading
stationery manufacturer. In January 2001, Everett Pad and Paper
purchased Springfield Tablet, the latest manufacturer of Big Chief.
They closed operations of their plant, after 80 years of being open,
and Big Chief is currently no longer being produced.


or on eBay?


This auction will show you pictures of five of them.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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