[Histonet] New CAP Regulations - Breast Tissue Must Be Fixed in Formalin

From:"Jones, Laura"

Hi all.  I am wondering if anyone else out there is NOT using formalin on a
routine basis any more, and now must bring it back in order to comply with
the new CAP regulation.  We routinely process everything in Shandon's
Glyofixx.  Our Pathologist would like to have breast tissues only submitted
in formalin, left overnight to fix, and then process from alcohols on during
the next day.  He feels that the small biopsies will be our main concern, as
these are what we usually send for ER/PR, Her2Neu and FISH. If anyone else
is going through this same situation, we'd appreciate hearing how you are
handling this. 

Also, a question from my managers:  in this situation, can we charge
anything for the "special" treatment of the tissue?  My feeling was this it
was kind of our "fault" that we had to do this, so there probably could not
be a charge, but I told them I'd ask the experts.  Thanks to all in advance.

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