[Histonet] Looking for an manual for an old Microm cryostat

From:"Nicola Cragg"

Dear All,

We have just acquired an old Microm cryostat (Heidelberg type 500 OM
124.557 CIBA-GEIGY Basel) which looks in quite good condition and it has
a motorised pedal which seems to work but I have no manual.  

I have tried to contact Microm but with no joy yet!  I can't wait to
have a go on it (as despite it being so old I've been asking for a
cryostat for the last 5 years and beggars can't be chosers), but there
are a couple of things I'm a bit worried about - the handwheel doesn't
seem to have a brake on it and there is a flexible arm with a
rough-sided metal block attached to it that seems to just flop into the
middle of the chamber and I don't know whatit's for!!  I've only ever
used Leica cryostats before.  

Anybody got any ideas aor better still a copy of the manual?



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