Re: [Histonet] stain living cells - what dye doesn't kill the cells?

From:Rene J Buesa

  Your question belongs to the realm of "supravital" or "vital" stains, i.e. those able to accomplish exactly what you want to do.
  I always used neutral red in dilutions between 1:10,000 and 1:50,000 depending on the subject . The idea being to let the living cells to incorporate and concentrate the dye in a way that they survive and become visible. 
  Now a question: why you don't use a phase or an interference optical system to view the cells, alive and without staining them?
  René J.

Moran Elishmereni  wrote:
  Dear Histonetters,

Does anyone know of a dye/stain (fluorescent or non-fluorescent) that does
not kill cells? I want to do some live-imaging of live primary mast cells,
but be able to distinguish them from other cells in a certain mix. So I need
to stain them- but not affect there viability/function.
I know that this isnt exactly the forum for this question, but I'm hoping to
get some suggestions anyway.
Many thanks,

Moran Elishmereni

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