Re: [Histonet] Tissue Microarray Technician Employment?

From:Rene J Buesa

Never, ever try to negotiate a salary as "part of a group". Eveluate yourself and your needs, consider your experience and ask what you think is fair and, of course, never accept the first offer. 
  On tsalary negotiations both potential employer and employee are just trying to get advantage of each other.
  Salary rates in histology are so wacky that you may have different pay rates within the same lab, or "accross the street".
  René J.

Thom Jensen  wrote:
Does anyone know what the going rate for an experienced TMA Tech is paid these days. I realize the field is very new and nothing is set yet to my knowledge.

I am an (ASCP) HT and have been creating TMAs since 2000. I have several articles published in the Journal of Histotechnology on constructing TMAs and did a workshop at the NSH in North Carolina on TMA construction. Also I am the inventor of the block warmer, making it easier to punch TMAs. And the Scraping Technique for creating arrays using very small samples of tissue.

Just wondering if there is employment out there for someone with my technicial skills?

My website is: I consider this a resume of my TMA work and other contrubutions to my field.

Thank you,

Thom Jensen
HT(ASCP)/TMA Technician

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