Re: [Histonet] Teratogens

From:Rene J Buesa

  1- teratogen, mutagen or any such an indication in the MSDS should be considered as warnings for the label
  2- at any concentration
  3- all pregnant employees should (and deserve) being assigned low risk activities, even when 31% of USA histology labs do not practice this prohibition
  4- you could Google "Teratogen and Mutagen"
  René J.

Diana McCaig  wrote:

I was wondering if anyone specifically labels these chemicals in your
lab to alert any techs of child producing age.

Also, how do you establish this criteria, some could be in the
concentrated form or powder state, but do they still qualify in a dilute

Is this determined strictly by the MSDS and based on the word teratogen
or do you also consider terminology as mutagen, reproductive effector as

If protective equipment and proper ventilation is available, are
pregnant staff exempt for doing any activity or stain that uses these
solutions for the full term of their pregnancy and "I want to become
pregnant" stages?

And finally, can another provide a list of the chemicals they class as
Diana McCaig
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