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  If your answer is NOT "just a good joke", you are facing a serious ergonomic problem, with some potential claustrofobic consequences.
  René J.

Mildred Fail  wrote:
  With The addition of automatic stainers, demos for automatic stainers, carboys for automatic stainers, counterspace and knee space keep shrinking in our lab.4 inches either side of the microtome and the width of the waterbath is all for the counterspace, As for a place for your feet and legs, you can balance your feet on either carboys, waste basket , or cardboard boxes storing run maps. ;)

Rena Fail

>>> "Emily Sours" 10/05/07 12:29AM >>>
on average, how many sectioning spaces do any of you have?
we have one paraffin sectioning space (2 feet depth by one slide warmer
length) and one cryostat sectioning place (size of cryostat CM3050)..
again, just wondering out of curiosity how big processing labs can get
(reminder, i work in academics, so we need to prove we need our space,
limited as it is, or we lose it)
also, when i volunteered in a pathology lab in a hospital as an
undergraduate (circa 1997, EONS ago), i didn't see a cryostat anywhere, just
paraffin processing instruments. has this changed? it seems for large
volumes of processing, paraffin would be better, yet it's less sensitive to
certain antibodies due to the melting point of paraffin.

ps sorry to ask silly questions, i never thought about paraffin vs
cryo-sectioning in large volumes until now. it interests me to know which
is better for pathology, or whatever histonet people might use most :)

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