There are a couple of things that  could be happening.

Are your chucks and the specimen at room temp? Sometime when the chuck is
colder and specimen is warm the OCTand the specimen will separate from the
disc. Sometimes it is better to keep the discs at room temp and freeze the
warm disc and specimen all at once..

Are you possibly freezing the specimen ahead of time and placing in a low
temp freezer? There are varing opinions but I find for me it is easier to
equilibrate the temp of my specimen by placing in a -30 freezer before I
start cutting at -20. You can also just place the specimen in the cryostat
and wait a few hours before cutting.

Are you possbily fixing your specimen or cryo - protecting with sucrose
before freezing?

All of the above things are a factor in freezing a specimen to a chuck.

If you have questions just give me a call.

Best Regards

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I am looking for some help.  The O.C.T. embedded tissue is falling of the
chuck when we try to section.  Does anyone have any ideas to stop this?  We
have tried new O.C.T., cleaning chucks, advancing slower.  Please help.
Thanks  Marcy

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