From:Rene J Buesa

Temperature is the main issue, as well as the use of the "heavy mass" to press the the tissue and complete it freezing.
  You first have to add the OCT over the cold chuck, then add the tissue, then more OCT and then press everything with the heavy mass (the round piece of metal with the handle in all cryostats). When everything if frozen, cut out the excess OCT and start sectioning.
  If the temperature is adequate (at least -20║C), the OCT should not come off the chuck.
  RenÚ J.


I am looking for some help. The O.C.T. embedded tissue is falling of the
chuck when we try to section. Does anyone have any ideas to stop this? We
have tried new O.C.T., cleaning chucks, advancing slower. Please help.
Thanks Marcy

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