Please contact Dr. Peters to try his system (especially for anyone doing
Mohs frozen sections).  It is a very quick, easy system to use and your
sections come out beautiful every time.
And yes, you use the chucks cold and they never come off!!!
We have been using his bar and chucks in our Leica Cryocut and old
Tissue-Tek cryostat for approximately 3 years with very high success and our
Pathologists love how the skin adheres to the metal for a very flat

If I'm correct Dr. Peters lets you try his system first and pay for it later
if you like it (if not, of course return to him).
I am in no way associated with Dr. Peters----just a satisfied customer!!!!
We had him speak at our Tri-State meeting in Iowa this last spring and it
was wonderful!!!

Dawn D. Schneider, HT(ASCP)
Howard Young Medical Center
Woodruff, WI  54568


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For the last 5 years I have been promoting a system of face down embedding
   for frozen section which I developed over my 25 year surgical pathology
  The system is rapid, very precise and wastes very little tissue. I am all
but exhausted devoting most of my vacation and free time to bring this sytem
to my colleagues at very limited profit.My chucks are made be used cold
with deep wide
   waffle pattern grooves. They are made of stainless so they function as a
heat extractor.
  With the exception of Leica, I am quite surprised and saddened by the lack
of interest in
   our cryostat manufacturers to explore a new technology which could
benefit their customers. I believe they are hoping I fade away. If you want
to improve your frozen section practice, I suggest you seek out this system.
I would be happy to direct you to it, but the last time I offered help, one
of the vendors complained I was breaking a vendor rule. 
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