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I use unbuffered formalin on my processors to keep them cleaner and the
rotary valve life expectancy has greatly been increased without ever
having to do hot water flushes.  When the machines are checked over for
Preventive Maintenance the valves and tubing are always in great shape.
As to filtration of my alcohols I prefer distillation.  My recovered
alcohol from the CBG is consistently 97-98% even though I recycle my 70
and 80% from my processors in with the other grades.

Charles Embrey, PA(ASCP)   

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Hi Charles and Cindy,

I am in agreement with the ease of use of the CBG unit. It is great for
Xylene and Xylene Substitutes. I would differ on recycling of alcohol
formalin. When formalin is 'distilled' the buffer salts are removed and
be disposed of. With a Creative Waste Systems formalin recycling unit,
buffer salts are conserved. It is a filtration unit and one need only
ph with minor adjustment and occasionally add some formaldehyde
(using an aldehyde dip stick to keep the formaldehyde at 4%) and no
salts to dispose of. Also, their filtration units for recycling alcohol
so easy to use. Just pour the used alcohol in the top and get clean
out the bottom. Call Rex at 503-784-1232 and he will explain in detail.
Savings are at least 50% including the cost of the filtration units.


Mickie Johnson, B.S., HTL(ASCP)
Mohs Histology Consulting Services, LLC
  & Mohs Lab Staffing
2507 S. Manito Blvd.
Spokane, WA 99203
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Hi Cindy,  Over the years I have worked with the B&R and CBG units but
over the last 15 years or so I have stuck with CBG.  I put units in at
Wright-Patterson AFB before I left the military and then at a lab in
Texas I spent a year and a half at.  My current lab in Illinois replaced
their B&R unit with a CBG recycler before I arrived and I am currently
using a 5 gallon solvent unit for my xylene and alcohols and a separate
5 gallon unit for my formalin.  Give the company a call and arrange a
trial.  You have nothing to loose and will be sold on the units from day

Charles Embrey Jr., PA(ASCP)
Carle Clinic, Illinois

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Anyone have any recommendations for recyclers?
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