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From:"Cheryl R. Kerry"

Hey Schaundra-

Have you talked with Ventana tech support?  They've probably dealt with
similar issues from other clients and would know right off the bat how to
help if there is help to be had.  If there isn't there always the
old-fashioned alternative to fix this for your Path...

I know this isn't what you want to hear, but sometimes automation cannot
duplicate what we can produce by hand.  If you try what they suggest and
he's not getting what he needs to adequately diagnose the patient--he needs
to serve the patient's best interest (an accurate diagnosis).  You may need
to pull these off the machine.

Running them by hand isn't all that hard OR time-consuming if your reagents
are at hand, and you do end up with a better product.  

My two cents having been in your shoes in the past...


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We use a Vetana NEXUS special stainer and stain our bone marrow aspirates
and smears with Ventana's iron kit.  One of our pathologists has complained
(repeatedly) that our irons aren't staining like he expects.  Has anyone
else had trouble with Ventana's iron kit?  Is anyone using a different
protocol?  Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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