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Dear Dr. Peters,

There is no need to be saddened by the lack of interest of cryostat
manufactures as we have a constant devotion to cryostat developments
spanning over 50 years. 
We developed and made available for our cryostats over 14 years ago, 10
years ahead of you, a very superior system for face down tissue
embedding, using frozen object holders and much faster freezing at -50
degs. C. 

I for one do not hope you fade away as we continually consult with users
to establish new techniques and products to advance frozen sectioning.
Perhaps when looking into future developments you would consider
contacting us. 

Best Regards

Alan Bright

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For the last 5 years I have been promoting a system of face down
embedding tissue
   for frozen section which I developed over my 25 year surgical
pathology practice.
  The system is rapid, very precise and wastes very little tissue. I am
all but exhausted devoting most of my vacation and free time to bring
this sytem to my colleagues at very limited profit.My chucks are made be used cold with deep wide
   waffle pattern grooves. They are made of stainless so they function
as a heat extractor.
  With the exception of Leica, I am quite surprised and saddened by the
lack of interest in
   our cryostat manufacturers to explore a new technology which could
benefit their customers. I believe they are hoping I fade away. If you
want to improve your frozen section practice, I suggest you seek out
this system. I would be happy to direct you to it, but the last time I
offered help, one of the vendors complained I was breaking a vendor
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