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From:"Malcolm McCallum"

Recently, I received an article on "how carbon dioxide does not contribute
to climate change."  The article is clearly misinformation and was
published in a journal called "The Journal of American Physicians and
Surgeons (http://www.jpands.org/  )."  Most of the article is a fake article
that was circulated back in the 1990's.  EVERYONE NEEDS TO CHECK THIS OUT!


They say they do double blind peer review, but who peer reviewed it?  Are
any of these folks atmospheric scientists, or for that matter even
evironmetally aware?  Furthermore, looking right at figure 2 you can see
how biased their deductions are.  Examining the figure you see that they
draw a vertical line suggesting that hydrocarbons were not in use prior to
that line.  What the heck is coal then?  Last time I checked coal is a
hydrocarbon compound!

Apparently this is not limited to climate issues as published in this blog
(http://autismnaturalvariation.blogspot.com/2006/03/open-letter-to-journal-of-physicians.html  )
on Autism where they request an article be retracted:

"downward trends in neurodevelopmental disorders following removal of
thimersoal-containing vaccines" Spring 2006.
Main criticisms:
1. methodological flaws
2. factual errors
3. misleading use of terminology
4. the article should be retracted

Notice the Wikipedia discussion regarding this journal:


Articles published in the journal have argued that the Food and Drug
Administration and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are
unconstitutional,[27] that "humanists" have conspired to replace the
"creation religion of Jehovah" with evolution, [28] that increased carbon
dioxide in the atmosphere has not caused global warming, [29] that HIV
does not cause AIDS,[30] and that the "gay male lifestyle" shortens life
expectancy by 20 years.[31] A series of articles by pro-life authors also
claimed a link between abortion and breast cancer;[32][33] such a link has
been rejected by the National Cancer Institute.[34]

The journal is not listed in the major literature databases of
MEDLINE/PubMed[35] nor the Web of Science.[36] Quackwatch lists JPandS as
an untrustworthy, non-recommended periodical.[37] The World Health
Organization found that a 2003 article on vaccination published in the
journal had "a number of limitations which undermine the conclusions drawn
by the authors", although it noted that the matters raised in the paper
were of sufficient importance that "WHO and GACVS will continue to keep
the issue under careful and ongoing review."[38]

Investigative journalist Brian Deer wrote that the journal is the "house
magazine of a right-wing American fringe group [AAPS]" and "is barely
credible as an independent forum."[39]"

I recommend that people inform the Directory of Open Access Journals about
this journal/article as they are trying to be reputable, but clearly this
journal is not.  Also, we need to publicize that this journal is little
more than political tribe.

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