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From:"Robert Richmond"

That Buehler Isomet low speed saw may be seen at:

I've never seen one of these, and don't know what they cost. What's
its footprint - how much table space will it take up?

A continuing medical education program I did about eight years ago
recommended an electric scroll saw, $100 to $200 at major hardware
outlets. I've never seen one in use, but one problem with it is its
large footprint.

The electric band saw is the queen of battle, but much too dangerous
for routine use.

I've liked MOPEC's "Sawbones" - a double bladed hacksaw with a vise -
but at $500 it's not a toy the red haired stepchild can have.

Few pathology services I work in possess any hand saws, but usually
have a Stryker oscillating saw left over from the days when they did
autopsies. I won't use a Stryker saw for loose specimens, but many
people do.

I still use the Civil War era Satterlee amputation saw when I can get
one, and a hardware store hacksaw when I can't. (I've twice seen Civil
War hospital re-enactments with a Satterlee saw as part of their kit.
Chrome plated, of course.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist and antiquated sawbones
Knoxville TN

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