[Histonet] RELIA's Histology Careers Bulletin 10/11/07

From:"Pam Barker"

Hi Histonetters!

I hope you are enjoying a wonderful Autumn.  Halloween is just around
the corner…TRICK or TREAT!!!!!

The TRICK is finding the right job opportunity for you.

And the TREAT is with my help it won’t be spooky at all!  I will help
you with your resume, coach you through the interview and offer process
and refer you to positions based on the critieria you give me.

All of the opportunities I work with are fulltime 40 hour per week
positions with top hospitals, labs and doctors offices.  My clients
offer excellent compensation including competitive salaries, great
benefits and relocation assistance.  My services are FREE of charge to
you.  All of my fees are paid by the facilities that I represent


Here is a list of my current openings


1.	Dallas, TX
2.	Santa Barbara, CA
3.	Valencia, CA
4.	Cape Cod, MA
5.	Chicago, IL
6.	Pathology Assistant – Los Angeles, CA



1.	Phoenix, AZ
2.	New York, NY
3.	San Francisco, CA
4.	Los Angeles, CA
5.	Valencia, CA
6.	Orlando, FL
7.	St. Petersburg, FL
8.	Fredericksburg, VA
9.	Dallas, TX
10.	Waco, TX
11.	Columbus, OH
12.	Falmouth, MA
13.	Spokane, WA
14.	Atlanta, GA


HEADS UP !! These are areas that some of my clients project a need in
the near future.

New Braunsfel, TX

Kalamazoo, MI

Panama City, FL

Rochester, MN

Denver, CO

Columbus, OH



If you or any of your friends would like more information on any of
these positions. Or if you would like to discuss opportunities in other
areas or future job searches please contact me.  I would be more than
happy to assist you.  You can reach me at 866-607-3542 or


I work with facilities nationwide and I will keep your resume
confidential.  I will only represent you to jobs you tell me you are
interested in looking into.


Remember… It never hurts to keep an eye open even if you are happy in
your present job.


Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pam – 866-607-3542 (866-60RELIA)

Thank You!

Pam Barker
Specialists in Allied Healthcare Recruiting
5703 Red Bug Lake Road #330
Winter Springs, FL 32708-4969
Phone: (407)657-2027
Cell:     (407)353-5070
FAX:     (407)678-2788
E-mail: relia1@earthlink.net


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