[Histonet] Fetal Tissue - In Situ - Fixation Issues

From:"Lawrence Own"

Hi all,

 I'm a grad student at the University of Michigan, and we're currently doing
in situ hybridizations. However, we've been having issues during the
fixation process of our mouse fetal brain tissue. For some reason, the brain
tissue is falling off or dissolving during the fixation process, while
leaving the rest of the tissue mounted (spinal cord, etc.) We're using
superfrost slides and using formalin during the fixation. Is it the pH,
the slides, the ionic strength that is causing this issue? Or has anyone
encountered this issue and found a way around it? We've heard there are
better slides for better results, perhaps an alternative fixation process,
but at this point, we're open to suggestions.

Thank you for your time!

Lawrence S. Own
University of Michigan, Neuroscience
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