[Histonet] An idea that needs input--HT Continuing ed game--for free

From:"Cheryl R. Kerry"

Hi all---

I need your input. If you would pass this on to other histology folks for
their input if they aren't on the net~I appreciate the help!

I want to come up with a project to improve our overall understanding of our
science, to work on creating an improved reputation as part of the clinical
laboratory and help everyone have a better day--every day--at work.  AND
more importantly--to connect us as a community into a more-cohesive voice.  


I am working on a grad class.  I need a project to improve a community of
which I am already a member without any focus on self-gain. I could pick my
church or my daughter's school for this project--but that's playing way too
small. I want to help in a bigger way.   

I LOVE what I do--I'm a histotech and a recruiter--and have read lots of
discussion on inequities in education, experience, skills, understanding by
histotechs (including me!) who do this work.  Some of us are registered,
some aren't, some are required to do continuing ed, some aren't. Some have
made this a career, for some it's a job.  I would like to come up with a
format to provide accredited continuing ed that is FUN so it is used,
increases our understanding of what we do and why--and lots of other good


My first idea is a game or a contest that posts monthly with prizes and
group interaction. Second would be a board game for your lab with new
questions coming out quarterly or biannually (leave it open in the break
room and play through the day).  Another idea is to piggy-back our APNews
newsletter with an article or a CE credit contributed from our peers with
sponsored prized for completion (boring but practical).  

I need help with a couple of questions if you could respond to me directly
off the net so I can correlate and architect this idea into something fun
that we would WANT to play--

1. Would you be interested in something like this if it is voluntary and
2.  Do you have a other idea for me to try on instead?
3.  Any ideas for format or distribution?
4.  What could we call it?
5.  Would you want to help?

I know we're all busy--and I appreciate your time and contribution.  I'll
keep you posted on where this goes and will be asking for more guidance as
the project gets off the ground.



Cheryl Kerry, HT(ASCP)
Full Staff Inc.
Staffing the AP Lab, one great tech at a time.
281.852.9457 office
281.883.7704 cell
800.756.3309 fax and alternate phone

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