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From:"Gudrun Lang"

We experienced two times, that the tube of the lid of the container was
blocked. I don't know the cause. We changed the pipettes and the staining
was well again. You can test it, when you try to get some fluid out of the
container with a pipette through the lid.

Gudrun Lang
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Betreff: [Histonet] Iron Staining of Bone Marrows

We use a Vetana NEXUS special stainer and stain our bone marrow aspirates
and smears with Ventana's iron kit.  One of our pathologists has complained
(repeatedly) that our irons aren't staining like he expects.  Has anyone
else had trouble with Ventana's iron kit?  Is anyone using a different
protocol?  Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Schaundra Walton BS HTL(ASCP)
Swedish American Hospital
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Rockford, IL 61104
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