Re: [Histonet] talking of unsolicited emails.......

From:"Andrea T. Hooper"

Indeed I did and it irritated me. I make a conscious effort not to 
purchase from companies who solicit  business by stealing information 
off of a listserv and spamming email accounts .... so quite honestly 
it's their loss.

>Anyone else get the email from Patrick Levasseur, Econo-Lab
>[]? They have clearly harvested emails from histonet as I
>got the mail to my home and work emails, both of which are subscribed to
>I am more than happy for vendors to be on the list as they often have
>solutions to things and offer help but I do think harvesting emails and
>putting them on a mailing list for their company is out of order. Apparently
>I have to email to be taken off their mailing list too!
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>Charge scientist
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>New Zealand
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