Re: [Histonet] nuclear fast red

From:Paul Bradbury

As you say, the goal of applying a stain during processing is to 
non-specifically stain the tissue, so it can been seen during embedding. 
Nuclear fast red would not be a good choice for this purpose because as 
the name suggests this is a cationic dye and will stain nuclei, but 
nuclei make up only a small fraction of overall tissue mass. It will not 
stain connective tissues, muscle, etc. very intensely.

I have been using a strong solution of eosin for this purpose (5 grams 
of eosin Y in 100 mL of absolute alcohol). 2-3 mL of the eosin solution 
in the last dehydrating alcohol will stain the tissues quite pink. The 
dye is not removed from the tissues as the subsequent processing fluids 
(xylene and paraffin wax) are not eosin solvents.

All histology have eosin on hand ...  and it is cheap!

Happy embedding,

Kamloops, BC

Bernadette Weston wrote:

> Does anyone out there use nuclear fast red at the grossing station on 
> their small, clear/whitish specimens so that they can see them better 
> during embedding?  Eosin washes out during processing.
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> Barberton, OH
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