Re: [Histonet] Workshop on unusual beasties

From:Esther Peters

Dear Teri and All,

Preparing histoslides of diverse creatures is not that different from 
what is done for humans!

NSH's VIR Committee developed a manual that is available from NSH, 
providing many protocols and insights:

Callis, G., and Sterchi, D., eds.  2002.  Animal Processing Manual. 
National Society for Histotechnology: Veterinary, Industry and Research 
Committee, Bowie, MD.

We have also published methods for invertebrates:

Peters, E.C., K.L. Price, and D.J. Borsay Horowitz.  2005.  Histological 
preparation of invertebrates for evaluating contaminant effects.  In 
Techniques in Aquatic Toxicology, Volume 2, ed. G.K. Ostrander, pp. 
653-686.  Taylor & Francis, Boca Raton, FL.

And there are other resources available for other groups of organisms.

As with human tissue samples, the main concerns are "what tissue is 
needed" to guide trimming and processing and "why are you doing this" 
that guides selection of fixative and staining protocols to be used 
(histochemical, IHC, or other) to obtain the data you need for the 
question you want to answer.

Not sure there has been an NSH workshop on this recently, although I 
have attended some in the past. Kathy Price and I hope to teach a 
workshop on histotechniques for anthozoans (sea anemones, corals) in 
Hawaii next summer, if it can be scheduled.

Esther Peters, Ph.D.
George Mason University
Registry of Tumors in Lower Animals

Johnson, Teri wrote:

> After having seen several queries for help come across my email via
> listserve mails, I am totally fascinated with how histology is done on
> usual (to me) species, like shrimp or other sea creatures, or insects
> (mosquitos!) or plants etc...
> I would be most interested in attending a workshop, NSH or otherwise, on
> how you do histology on these creatures. Any takers?
> Teri Johnson, HT(ASCP)QIHC
> Managing Director Histology Facility
> Stowers Institute for Medical Research
> 1000 E. 50th St.
> Kansas City, MO 64110
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