Re: [Histonet] Ventana Benchmark Problems

From:"Joe Nocito"

I heard the same thing until a Cytyk rep told me that some other company out 
bid them by 23 million. Some company that I've never heard of before. 
Couldn't remember the company if you paid me. All I know is that currently 
they do not have a laboratory division. I think they may make surgical or 
x-ray equipment. I may be wrong (I know I know, I'm admitting it publicly I 
may be wrong-- like that hasn't happened before). So, is it Friday yet?

Joe, let's flame him, Nocito
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> To All,
> Beware-Ventana reps told me they were buying VisionBiosystems. I don't
> know how true it is, but I worry about the future of the 'Bondmax' in
> Ventanas hands! This is just FYI.
> Jo
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