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This is exactly why we went with The Nemesis from Biocare, an open system  With a closed system IHC stainer, the tech has no control. 
Roxanne Soto HT(ASCP)QIHC
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We have a Ventana Benchmark that has been giving my histotechs fits.  There
are times when the staining is hit or miss.  Other times the controls will
not stain properly but the specimen tissue does or visa versa.  We have
troubleshot the machine numerous times without success.  We call the aid
line and do the things they recommend and it 'may' work for a while and then
it reverts back to the hit or miss schedule.  We have tried random tissue
sections that have know positive properties (such as smooth muscle tissue
stained with smooth muscle actin) and even observed internal tissue controls
to see if they react properly.  Has anyone else had this type of problem
with this machine?  Any ideas or suggestions would be most welcome.  


Dr. Robert R. Bates Jr


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