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From:LuAnn Anderson

Very well said Amos. I don't think David is getting what we are 
trying to say. The information, opinions, etc. voiced on histonet are 
for everyone on histonet. Answering one person privately defeats the 
whole purpose. I agree that venders should contact the person with 
the complaint and not their bosses~~I believe that reputable venders 
would do just that.
I agree also that we need to have the venders on the list. Theres the 
old saying about one bad apple.......................


At 07:04 PM 10/24/2006, Amos Brooks wrote:
>     I have to respectfully disagree. This is a group forum, and while I
>feel stifled at times about offering my experiences with products, it would
>entirely defeat the purpose of this forum if only the sunshiny glowing
>references were permitted. It's just not a reflection of reality. Not
>everyone will like "Product A" and they have every right to say so.
>     If you feel there is any basis to fight this First Ammendment case I
>think you should start with the bumperstickers of car manufacturer logos
>being watered down. (see: )
>(Apologies to Ford Royer, tough thread my friend) If you can get anywhere
>with that then I'm sure you will see people being more cautious about saying
>anything bad about your products. They will probably all be moving to North
>Korea for more personal freedom too.
>     The ideal thing for the vendor to do would be to contact the person
>making the complaint and see what can be done to fix the problem. Accepting
>the fact that it is entirely possible that the customer may be too far gone
>to do anything about. No harm in trying though.
>     Now it must be said that there is a limit to expressing a negative
>opinion and simply slandreing or bashing a company. This is unacceptable too
>and in this case the vendor needs to do what they need to do to stay alive.
>Honestly though one hot headed remark does not slander make. If it really
>bugs you find a customer you have a good relationship with to counter the
>     I have to disagree emphatically with any call to have vendors bumped
>off the Histonet. As a matter of fact I think we need more, but they need to
>understand the basics of the Histonet. I have had Vendors and Sales Reps
>give very good advice and have benefitted very much from their help over the
>years. But it is imperative that they keep in mind the purpose of this
>forum. It is not to be used as a sales platform. If you are helpful and
>answer customer's questions they will remember you. If you hunt them down
>and chastize them for daring to not like your product ... they will remember
>Amos Brooks
>From: David Henriks 
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>John should answer Jane's question.
>John should answer Jane's question directly to Jane.
>John  should not post his comments to the listserver as a whole.
>David Henriks
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